Best 13 Waist And Belly Fat Exercises

Best 13 Waist And Belly Fat Exercises

Best 13 Waist And Belly Fat Exercises

Waist And Belly Fat Exercises

There are many people who suffer from extreme and unreasonably belly fat and looking for belly fat exercises, and it is considered undesirable by both women and men, as the belly fats makes both look older, and it has many health damages, and women are always more concerned with their grace and the beauty of their bodies more From men, some of them resort to following several methods such as diets, exercise and eating natural herbs to get rid of the accumulated belly fat, without resorting to surgeries that put their lives at risk and searching on how to burn fat belly.

Tips To Getting Rid Of The Waist And Belly Fat

  • Eat vegetables that contain green leaves a lot, such as green pepper, parsley, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, and mint, as these vegetables contain a high percentage of fiber that burns accumulated belly fats and waist and helps to digest food more.
  • Eating a lot of fresh natural juices, and avoiding consuming soft drinks that are the main reason for the emergence of belly fat, and fresh lemon juice can be eaten as it has a great effect in burning all the fat in the body, thus obtaining a slim and lean body, orange juice or grapefruit, so they have the same result.
  • Drink herbal drinks regularly, such as green tea, sage, mint with lemon, or ginger drink in green tea. It is preferable not to add honey to these drinks and prevent the use of sugar, in order to gain the required weight.
  • Not to eat a lot of fried fatty foods, fast food, and pastries, preferably away from them.

Best 13 Waist And Belly Fat Exercises

There are no safe drugs to achieve this goal, but there are several belly fat exercises that a person can do, through exercising on a continuous basis, begin to lose accumulated fat around his stomach and these exercises:
  • 1-Exercising the legs raised on the wall: We raise the feet on the wall and stretch the rest of the body on the floor, then we raise strongly and upward the right hand, then we raise the left hand in the same way, and we repeat the exercise forty times.
  • 2-Step Hope exercise: (running in the same place) We stand on the tips of the right toes, then flex the left knee, swap between the feet as if we are running, bend the knee up well, and continue to switch the feet at least twenty times.
  • 3-Cobra Pose Exercise: We lie on the abdomen, move the feet away from each other, then hold the hands on the floor and raise our chest up and look at the ceiling of the room, and continue for thirty seconds, then we return to the first position slowly, then we stretch the arms in front of our body, and we practice this exercise from ten to thirty times.
  • 4-Stomach exercise: We lie on the abdomen and then we carry our body from the four ends of the body (hands and feet), then we press our hands with force and as much as we can on the ground, and we remain in this position for a minute or two and repeat the exercise three times.
  • 5-The pressure exercise: The pressure exercise is considered one of the most important physical exercises that stimulate the shoulder and back muscles, the chest muscle, and the thigh muscle, as the pressure exercise stimulates blood circulation in the body, and all these results help to burn fat from the body, and the way to perform this exercise is as follows: On the abdomen, then we raise the body relying on the arms so that it is perpendicular to the chest, and we rest on the heads of the toes, and we start to go down and rise to rely on the muscles of the arms.
  • 6-Squat exercise: This exercise is to sit on the ground well with the feet attached to the base of the body, and raise the chest straight.
  • 7-The crawling exercise: It is carried out as follows: We raise the body relying on the muscles of the arms and the tips of the toes, then we push the left leg forward and we catch the right leg with it, and we continue to walk like this for about a quarter of an hour.
  • 8-Yoga exercise: practicing yoga exercises in its various forms helps to strengthen the nerves, and strengthen the nerve connections.
  • 9-Long Step Exercise: This exercise is similar to walking but the difference is the widening of the step, which helps to burn fat fast in the buttocks and strengthen the thigh muscles.
  • 10-Crunching exercises: contribute to burn belly fat effectively and quickly. The belly fat exercises are performed by lying on the back and extending the legs to the ground or raising them from the ground at a right angle, raising the hands and placing them behind the head or on the chest, then taking a deep breath and raising the upper part of the body from the ground and then exhale, then exhale again when lifting the body and inspiration when returning on the ground, and repeat the exercise at a rate of ten times for beginners, and do the exercise in about two or three groups.
  • 11-Captain's chair exercise: It is one of the simple exercises that contribute to reducing belly fat, and the exercise is performed by sitting on a chair taking into account the relaxation of the shoulders and that the spine is straight, then extend the hands down along the palms to the sides of the hips, and take a deep breath and then Exhale and raise the feet to the top so that the knees are close to the chest and keep the position for 5 seconds while observing the straightness and firmness of the back, and then lower the feet slowly and repeat the exercise again.
  • 12-Superhero Exercise: The exercise is performed by lying on the back and extending the arms up straight, extending the legs straight, then tightening the middle of the body and raising the arms and legs from the ground by about 6 inches and maintaining the position for 15 seconds, then rotating with consideration to keep the legs and arms raised Off the ground, maintain this position for 15 seconds, turn again and repeat the exercise for four times.
  • 13-Exercise wrapping the torso: Exercise is performed by standing with a little spacing between the buttocks and placing hands on the buttocks, then wrapping the upper body to the right side and returning to the center again, then wrapped to the left side and back to the center again, and it is recommended to do the exercise at a rate of three Groups so that each group repeats 15 times.

Belly Fat Problems

The problem of obesity is the problem of the times. Many people suffer from it, especially the accumulation of fat around the abdomen and in the buttocks, and the reasons for this are many, such as the availability of food due to the high level of life of the individual, the lack of physical exertion, the way of eating food, and not grinding it well.

The most dangerous diseases on the human body are caused by excess obesity, which is heart disease. High cholesterol in the blood impedes the flow of blood in the arteries, and it causes blockages, as well as cirrhosis. And may damage the liver completely, and there are many other diseases, caused by weight gain.


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