What is the best sport to Lose Weight Fast?

What is the best sport to Lose Weight Fast?

What is the best sport to Lose Weight Fast?

Lose Weight Fast
Many people suffer from overweight, which causes them many different obstacles; they strive to get rid of this extra weight by maintaining a good diet and exercising to get a healthy body, so sport is considered one of the most important things that must be done to lose weight fast Attractive, symmetrical body.

There are also some important sports exercises that work to get rid of excess weight loss quickly, and that all fall under the name of aerobics exercises, which we will learn about in this article and how to exercise to lose weight fast.

Losing extra pounds and burning accumulated fats in different areas of the body is not limited to following a low-calorie diet, or eating some incendiary drinks, but also includes simple exercises at home without the need to participate in sports clubs, and in this article, we will mention the best exercises to lose weight fast.

The Best Sport To Lose Weight Fast

Aerobic Exercises
It is exercises that move all the muscles of the body, especially legs and stomach for a long time, and the meaning of the word aerobics comes in the sense of aerobic exercises, so the energy of the exercise is taken from oxygen to perform the exercises correctly, and the aerobic exercises vary from it; walking, dancing, running and other exercises.

Aerobics exercises are very beneficial exercises for the heart muscle, blood movement, and white blood cells, as oxygen is transported to the body faster, and these exercises work to strengthen bones and tendons and prevent joint pain and rheumatic disease.

Aerobic exercises to burn fat

Push-ups help fat loss rapidly, especially the fat accumulated in the stomach, shoulder, back, and chest, also works to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the nerves and performs this exercise, lie on a straight land and individual arms straight, body lift off the ground a little, and stability for a few minutes on the fingers Slowly feet and hands fall to the ground and do this exercise for half an hour.

Long Step Exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs, and exercises without the need for any tools, and exercises to stand upright and walk long steps with jumping, and exercises this exercise for an hour.

Squatting Session is carried out by standing upright, bending down to reach the squatting position, with hands stretching forward, and practicing this exercise for half an hour quickly and repeatedly.

Plank Exercise practiced by lying on the abdomen, lifting the entire body on the area of ​​the knees, and resting on the area of ​​the elbows, and on the toes instead of the knees, while maintaining the integrity of the back, and repeat this exercise for half an hour.

Jumping Exercise With Squat It is one of the most important exercises used to burn the accumulated fat in the body, in addition to strengthening the muscles in both legs and lower back, and the importance of this exercise lies in its ability to burn glycogenic fuel inside the muscles when there is no oxygen gas, which speeds up the blood flow in the blood vessels. And thus get rid of excess fat, and this exercise can be done by following the following steps:
  • Squatting position, making sure to tighten the abdominal muscles, and keeping the back alone. Clasp hands forward.
  • Jump up, with hands back behind the body.
  • Repeat the exercise more than once, as often as possible.

Rush Exercise mainly works on the butt region, so it works to tighten it, in addition to burning the stored fat in the body, and this is done through the implementation of the following steps:
  • Stand straight, and bend your knee up towards the chest.
  • Kick the raised knee forward, then put it back, with the body and the other leg forward, then back to the standing position.
  • Repeat the steps for the second leg.
  • Note: This exercise can be made difficult by using small weights, and if not available it is possible to use filled water bottles.

Ski Exercise it is a stimulant exercises for the heart and muscles, which stimulates the burning of fat in the body faster, and some experts believe that it is the best exercise to lose weight, especially from the abdomen and buttocks, and its work is done correctly by following the following steps:
  • Stand in the position of running.
  • Jumping up, while at the top, one leg should be brought over the other, taking care not to get the legs apart from each other too much.
  • Slightly bend the knee while descending to prevent any injuries.
  • Repeat jumping again, but with legs reversed.

Push Up This exercise mainly contributes to getting rid of the accumulated fat in the abdomen, and it tightens his muscles, and it can be done easily and easily at home by following the following steps: Sitting on the ground where

Walking It is one of the easiest exercises; it can be practiced by walking on treadmills, choosing the appropriate speed or exercising at home for an hour per day to burn fat.

Walking has many health benefits, and we mention some of them as follows:
  • Prevention of type 2 diabetes: Walking 150 minutes a week, and losing 7% of body weight, or approximately 5-7 kilograms, can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%.
  • Strengthening the heart muscle: One study showed that walking approximately 3 kilometers a day helps reduce the death rate among retired men, and another study found that women who walked 3 hours or more per week, had a 35% lower heart rate, compared to women who did not. They practice walking.
  • Promote brain health: One study showed that walking for at least an hour and a half per week helps improve brain function and reduces levels of cognitive decline in women.
  • Bone health: It was noted that walking a distance of one and a half kilometers per day is associated with higher bone density in women who have passed menopause, compared to women who walk shorter distances, and in addition to that, the sport of walking slows the rate of bone loss in the legs.
  • Reducing symptoms of depression: Walking for 30 minutes, three to five times a week and over 12 weeks, may help reduce symptoms of depression by 47%.
  • Cancer prevention: It is noted that women who practice brisk walking for an hour and a quarter, to two and a half hours per week, have an 18% less chance of developing breast cancer, compared to women who do not exercise, and many studies show that exercising It helps prevent colon cancer, improve the quality of life for those with it, and reduce death rates.
  • Fitness: Walking for half an hour, three times a week, helps increase cardio-respiratory fitness.
  • Prevention of physical disabilities: Walking improves the physical performance and fitness of the body, which reduces the risk of developing physical disabilities as you age.
  • Reducing cholesterol levels: Regular physical activity, such as walking 30 minutes a day, can reduce harmful cholesterol levels and raise good cholesterol levels.

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