Best Home Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Within a Month - 15 Minutes a Day!

Best Home Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Within a Month

Best Home Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Within a Month - 15 Minutes a Day!

Belly fat is the most stubborn fat in the body, which appears in the abdomen and waist. We know you've tried a lot of ways to get rid of it, and you're still looking for a solution.

Perhaps you will find it in this article, as we will provide you with exercises that lose belly fat within one month. Don't worry about time, it takes only 15 minutes to implement, either in the morning or at night.

These home movements strengthen all the stomach muscles, which breaks down the fat around them. Keep reading and get to know it, so you can practice it at home.

Home exercises to lose belly fat: the most area in the human body where fat accumulates in the abdominal area because it is the region closest to the stomach and excess fat is stored in the body's need in it, and with time the fat accumulates in the abdominal area in the form of layers.

Accumulation of fat in an area with the abdomen may cause fatigue first because of the weight that fat adds to your body and also causes fatigue and leg pain or diseases such as pressure and diabetes.

So you must prevent the accumulation of fat, by exercising or following a diet to maintain your health and also the general view of your body.

There are several exercises to lose belly fat, including cardio exercises that work to burn fat from all the body and can take them as a kind of warm-up exercises to burn fat from the abdomen, because warm-up exercises are important before starting any other exercise.

Important note: You must follow a diet during the exercise exercises burning belly fat area because the diet with exercise accelerates the burning of fats and makes the burning process easier.

Home Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Exercises for burning belly fat are many, but today we will talk about the most effective exercises in burning belly fat, which will give you almost quick results if you do exercises almost daily with an appropriate diet.

Reverse Crushing Exercise

  • Sleep straight on the floor
  • Lift your straight legs up
  • Make sure to lift the waist as well, keeping the back low
  • Slowly lower your legs
  • Repeat this movement 20 times in 3 rounds

V-shaped Lifting Exercise

  • Lie on the floor straight and reach your hands back
  • Lift the upper part of your body, with your hands facing forward
  • Be sure to raise the legs 90 degrees
  • Try to touch the feet from the front and hold this position for seconds
  • Repeat this movement 15 times over 3 rounds

Squat Jumping Exercise

  • Stand up straight
  • Lightly jump up
  • Make sure to drop by 90 degrees
  • Repeat this movement 15 times over 3 rounds

Mountain Climbing Exercise

  • Put your hands on the floor and lift your back up
  • Fold one leg and stretch it inward, toward the opposite side
  • Take it back and make the same movement for the second leg
  • Repeat this exercise 20 times in 3 rounds

Push-Up Exercise

  • Put your hands on the floor under your shoulders
  • Lift your back higher than your legs
  • Fold your hands 45 degrees and lower your back straight
  • Stretch your hands up, to return to the base position
  • Repeat this movement 15 times over 3 rounds

Flutter Kicks Exercise

An easy exercise, but its effectiveness is great for burning belly fat in the lower abdomen, and it is considered one of the exercises for enlarging and tightening the butt but its biggest effect on the lower abdomen.

As for how to do the Flutter Kicks exercise, lie first with a straight body and your hands on the ground as in the photo and then raise your right leg, which is straight then Lower it and before touching the ground in centimeters, raise the left leg in the same way, a demonstration video of doing the Flutter Kicks exercise.

Pilates Side Hip Raise

It is a unique and easy exercise to burn the fat of the belly, the abdominal area, the area where the fat accumulates a lot, so you must perform exercises to burn it.

As for the way this exercise works, first, lie on your side as in the first pictures and then move your pelvis as shown in the second picture towards the top.

Then repeat this movement a few times, then switch sides. Demo video for doing a Pilates Side Hip Raise.

Toe Touch Crunch

It is an excellent exercise to burn fat from the stomach area, as this exercise works to strengthen the muscles of the stomach and make it burn fat from the abdomen area.
  • Then raise your hands as in Figure
  • and then raise yourself and try to touch your toes as in the picture
  • Explanatory video of the Toe Touch Crunch exercise.

Bicycle Abs

It is an exercise to grind fat in the waist and abdomen area, and one of the best exercises is to get a beautiful flat stomach free of fat and flabby. Now we will talk about the way the exercise works.

Make your left-hand elbow touch your right knee as in the second image and repeat this process a lot until you get a great benefit and burn fat from the waist and abdomen, explanatory video of the Bicycle Abs exercise.

Leg Raise Clap

It is also one of the stomach grinding exercises that helps you to lose belly fat and also works to strengthen the muscles of the lower back and reduce your injury to the lower back pain, the way the exercise works.

As in the first photo, raise the upper part of your body and make your hands touch behind the knee area, as in the first photo. A video illustration of the Legs Raises Clap exercise. Open on the second 58.

Spiderman Plank Exercise

This exercise is intended for the grinding of fat of the properties, as it focuses on pressing the properties of the fat to burn fat. Demo video for Spiderman Plank exercise.

As for if the fat is distributed in your body, you can do a full-body exercise to burn fat in addition to the fat-burning exercises in the abdominal area that we talked about and we explained in this article on how to lose belly fat.

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