Jumping Rope 100 Times: How Many Calories Burned

Jumping Rope 100 Times: How Many Calories Burned

Jumping Rope 100 Times: How Many Calories Burned

Jumping rope sport is the sport of strengthening the body and tightening the muscles in the stomach of the legs, feet, abdomen, and back.

Therefore it is a treatment for many of the problems of insomnia and physical fatigue, and it also has several benefits on the psychological state of its practitioner.

But go deeper with us in all its positive and negative aspects, as that sport also has some forms to be adhered to in the play, in addition to the presence of some exceptional caveats, so we will show you the details of the sport of jumping rope 100 times.

What is the sport of jumping rope?

This popular game has more than one name (rope skipping, jumping, rope swing), and the reason for all these titles is the game’s method and simple tools.

This game depends on the player holding a rope commensurate with his length, and he also makes several consecutive passes of the rope, holding his ends raising his feet from the ground in each pass through the process of jumping and jumping up.

And that game can be practiced by different age groups, as it is not restricted to a specific age, as it is an important sport for athletes who want to lose weight and give it an ideal strength without obesity.

Benefits of jumping a rope 100 times

1. The benefits of jumping a rope 100 times for the elderly

Jumping the rope a hundred times in a row for the elderly from sports that helps burn between 50 to 100 calories depending on the ability of the body, where the rate of burning in an hour reaches about 1300 calories.

The jumping sport for the elderly contributes to strengthening the muscles of the heart and improving the breathing process, as it works to accelerate the burning process in the body, and helps in dissolving and reducing the amount of fat present in the green area.

2. Benefits of jumping a rope 100 times for women

The sport of jumping rope contributes to coordinating the strength of the woman and getting rid of excess fat, as it helps her to enlarge the size of the chest and stimulate blood circulation in the body, thus protecting her from infection and enhancing her immunity.

Jumping rope sport improves the mood of women in the immediate pre-menstrual period, as women in that period experience hormonal changes that increase heart rates and a sense of stress as well.

3. Benefits of jumping a rope 100 times for children

The rope jumping sport contributes to alleviating the number of disturbances and stress felt by the child as a result of his studies, and it teaches him to participate with others from his colleagues or peers at home, which makes him a social person.

jumping rope helps activate the child's memory, and the reason for this is its role in activating the cells in the right lobe of the brain, which increases the child's intelligence and develops his mental capabilities.

4. Benefits of jumping rope sport for men

  • jumping rope helps to slim and coordinate the leg strength and re-tighten the muscles in the chest and legs.

  • Jumping rope can reduce the tension, fatigue, and fatigue that a man feels for a long period of work.

  • This exercise improves a man's mental state when exposed to stress for a long time, which avoids depression.

  • Rope jumping is useful in avoiding male athletes with bruises, fractures, and injuries such as soccer, basketball, and boxers.

  • Rope jumping increases the bone density and muscle mass of men, stimulating their muscles to appear as required.

  • Strengthening the heart, improving the breathing process, and strengthening immunity as a result of stimulating blood circulation in different parts of the body.

Jumping rope side effect

  • One of the harms of the jumping of the rope to the menstrual period is to provide the rate of bleeding, so it is preferable not to practice it at the time.

  • Cord jumping may affect heart patients who have performed open-heart operations, as it can cause several complications.

  • Do not exercise the jumping rope if the body has broken bones, to avoid concussion of bones and move from its original place.

  • It is prohibited for a woman to practice jumping the rope immediately after birth, especially after cesarean delivery, because of a serious wound on her.

Questions about rope jumping 100 times

1. Jumping rope 100 times how much does it burn?

Jumping rope 100 times takes about 10 minutes, and that time is enough to burn anywhere from 80 to 110 calories, depending on the speed of your metabolism in your body and the age group your weight belongs to.

If you weigh about 240 pounds, jumping the rope 100 times will cause you to burn several calories ranging from 100 to 120 calories, and it is worth noting that your jump for 15 minutes can burn 300 calories.

2. Benefits of jumping a rope 100 times How much does it burn intermittently?

The benefits of jumping a rope 100 times differ from whether it was practiced in a row or was it intermittent, as playing it in a row can help you lose about 120 calories.

But exercising on intermittent periods will not meet the goal of losing weight fast that you aspire to, the more the number of jumps in succession, the more it helps you burn fat and calories faster.

But the rate of burning a hundred times jumping rope on an intermittent time will make you burn no more than 80 calories only, so if you intend to lose weight you should try exercising the number of jumps in a row.

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